Haylee Felton

Haylee Felton

Executive Manager | Brand and Marketing - Bankwest


Haylee currently leads the brand and engagement team at Bankwest, responsible for all elements of brand strategy, brand communications, sponsorship and social engagement.  Haylee has a diverse background of strategic marketing experience from a long career including both agency and client-side marketing. Haylee's greatest passion is uncovering value adding consumer insights for brands, and ensuring all strategic decisions and creative solutions are insight driven. 

Haylee enjoys the management of key delivery partners to ensure diverse and collaborative problem solving that directly influences commercial outcomes. Haylee's previous experience includes many well-known brands within both the Perth market (through clients of The Brand Agency), in the retail utility sector in the UK (British Gas), as well as working within a-number of well-known creative, marketing and CSR agencies in the UK providing a breadth of experience in solving unique business problems. 

Haylee loves to develop high performing teams who feel empowered to challenge the status quo and can demonstrate the value of marketing investment and brand building back to the business. In her free time Haylee likes cooking and spending time with her children and husband - preferably in warm sunshine and near the beach.